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I am really in need of some advice. I have a major roach problem and my neighbor gave me some Orthene Ant Killer to use to get rid of them but I am afraid that it’s not safe. She says she uses it every six months and she doesn’t have any infestation. I had my inspection the other day and my manager has made it clear that it’s a problem. Management doesn’t offer any solutions and I’m very tempted to use the Orthene but I have children and I’m not sure if just putting it in hidden places is safe. Any suggestions? If you haven’t guessed I’m in public housing and on a fixed income but I’ve got to do something and Raid, obviously, is not enough.

If you review our online roach control article, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do. Forget about the ant killer. This material has  a terrible odor, is not labeled for use in the home and will be a lot more hazardous compared to many other products that are designed for such areas. In other words, it should not be used in the home under any circumstances.

Now as you review our article, you’ll learn exactly what can be used and what we feel is the best way to proceed. One sprayable material we recommend is an orthene based concentrate but it’s very different from the outside orthene ant formulation you’re neighbor is using. The big difference is the inside material we recommend is practically odorless. It’s also a lot more refined which makes it safe for use inside.

But as you’ll learn from our article, there are other, far safer materials to use which will work even better compared to spraying.

Roach Control:

Now as you’ll learn in our article, the easiest and most effective way to treat for roaches is to use the gel baits. They’re easy to apply, last a long time and won’t pose a hazard to you or your children. I suggest you get a tube of Magnum and a tube of Advion. Make placements where you’ve been seeing roaches. This might be in cabinets, around counter tops, behind appliances, etc.

And every week following the initial treatment, you’ll need to renew the placements by adding a little more anywhere you’ve spotted roaches during the last week. If you treat all active areas with gel, you should see positive results within 1-2 weeks.

Roach Gel:

Advion Roach Gel:

And if you follow this regime properly by renewing the application weekly, within 4-6 weeks the problem will be gone for good.

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