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I live in Roanoke Virginia.  I believe that we have outside roaches.  They are extremely large and dark in color.  I believe that they are getting in our house through the basement.  I have started noticing them upstairs in our living quarters, a straggler here and a straggler there.  I have noticed several in the basement, and last year during the warmer months (we have only lived here going on 2 years) I would notice them outside around the neighborhood not only near my house.  My concern is that I can treat the outside and basement of my house, but are they all going to come upstairs???? That’s scary. Shat would be my best method of action against these large unwanted bugs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Several species of roaches live and thrive outside around the home. These include smokey browns, american and oriental roaches. Most people refer to these as waterbugs or palmetto bugs but in fact they are roaches. If allowed to live adjacent to and on homes, they will surely venture inside.

The best approach is to get them outside where they live. This can be done effectively with the Cypermethrin featured in our Roach Control article. Place out some Maxforce Granules too as these large roaches love this product and any that feed will die so you can reduce numbers with the bait effectively.

Inside you should place out some Roach Gel and Roach Traps where you are seeing the activity. This will get rid of the ones you’re seeing and should get any that come inside.

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