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I live close to a wooded area and have always had large, brown roaches we call wood roaches. Most of the time they’re harmless and are only occasionally seen. Recently they’ve been getting out of control and I’m afraid they might be living in my gutters or roof. I see them above our back door all the time and it seems like they disappear into the house. Is there something I can spray for them?

Wood roaches will most definitely set up shop and move into homes which are left unprotected. Roof shingles, gutters and most any crack or crevice commonly found on most homes is a great place for wood roaches to live. If you haven’t been doing any type of pest control around the perimeter of the house, wood roaches and many other insects will eventually move in and could become a problem.

At this time I sugges spraying some CYPERMETHRIN on the siding of the home, up to the gutters and even on the roof a bit where you think they might be nesting. This should take care of the problem. As they walk over treated surfaces, they should pick up the chemical and die. If you start seeing them inside, set out some ROACH TRAPS in the living area where they are seen. You might also have to treat the attic with some DELTAMETHRIN DUST if the activity inside persists. Hopefully the problem isn’t that bad; I think you would have noticed them inside by now if the problem had gotten that bad. For now, I think the perimeter treatment will knock them out and be sure to treat every month till to keep them away for good as explained in our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE.

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