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I have cats and a dog and want to use the safest treatment for an ongoing roach problem. I live in an apartment and I don’t think they’re spraying much of anything when they come around. I was looking at your maxforce and other gel bait but what if one of my animals ate some?

Baiting for roaches is one of the safest ways to treat so you are on the right path to solving your problem. The fact is that most all insect baits use active ingredients which have little to no impact on mammals even if your pet was to eat some! That’s right, even if they eat some. This doesn’t mean you should feed the bait to them but if you have it out the normal placements, which are supposed to be real small as explained in our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE, there just isn’t anything being placed out that could cause a problem for most all pets or even people that might accidentally eat some.

Additionally, bait placements can be made in hard to reach places where only roaches can get to compared with the sprays which must be out in the open and therefore be more likely to come in contact with non-target animals. Cupboards, behind appliances, up high behind furniture and other objects are great places for roach bait placements like MAXFORCE GEL and ADVION GEL. Spraying some of the AVERT GEL into small voids where roaches are suspected of nesting is almost always somewhere the average pet cannot access so again, there should be little or no bait out in the open for them to find when the treatment is done properly.

In summary, baiting for roaches is one of the best ways to go about treating an ongoing roach infestation. We always prefer our customers go this route so I think you were thinking in the right direction. If you have further questions, please give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290 and we’ll be glad to answer any more questions you might have.

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