Cockroach control in my appliances


I’ve been seeing some cockroaches in my tv. It gets really warm and hot and I think the cockroaches like living in this heat. I’m afraid of spraying in there. Is there anything I can use on this appliance that won’t ruin it?

Cockroaches love getting into anything thats warm and provides shelter and low light. TV’s are ideal. Once the roaches start nesting in this environment they can do a lot of damage. Besides eating various components inside the TV, they’re droppings and other secretions can cause electrical issues which can happen in many common household applicances which harbor cockroaches. Since there is no way you can spray with any of the liquid or aerosol products we have listed, you’ll need to use some of the Maxforce Gel. This product is ideal for such appliances. Just place out 10-15 dabs around entry vents to the inside of the TV. As the cockroaches come out foraging for food, they’ll surely find the gel and start feeding. Within 3-5 weeks, most will be dead. Renew the Gel every two weeks till you don’t see any and by the end of two months, the problem will be resolved.

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