German cockroaches in stove


I’m seeing cockroaches in my stove. They come out at night and crawl out onto my kitchen countertops. I don’t want to spray the stove but I don’t want the cockroaches around. What can I do thats safe and effective?????????

Treating cockroaches that are nesting in your stove will require some patience. If you’ve found them “inside” the actual part where you bake food, then it will also take a little time to get the job done right. It would be best to leave this part of the stove alone for at least 2 weeks; a full month left unused would be ideal. This will allow the treatment to take full effect. You can still use the top of the stove, i.e., the burners, without any problem so the stove will be useable. Just don’t bake anything during this time.

The best product to use in this case will be the Cockroach Gel. Place 5-10 dabs inside the oven, some more underneath on the bottom broiler side as well as up under the burner cover. 15-25 placements throughout the stove will really help. Try not to use the burners for at least 2 days so all that are outside the oven will surely find the bait and feed. The oven should be left alone for at least the two weeks previously mentioned to insure all inside get some of the gel. If you notice the gel is all gone in 2-3 days place some more out. When you’re ready to start using the stove again, just give the inside a good cleaning  and let it “burn” for 30 minutes prior to it’s first use to insure any/all contaminates (mostly from the roaches) are burned away and you should be roach free!

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