Safe to use product for german roaches


Hi, what product in your opinion is safe for pets, but will get rid of roaches?  Drione Dust, Boric Acid, Diatomaceous Earth?  Other opinions?

We get asked this question a lot. First, all the products we sell are safe when used as directed. For more details on just how to store and safely handle any pesticide, review these safety videos which does a great job of highlighting all the do’s and don’ts of when keeping or using pesticides around the house.

The three dusts you listed are all good. However, Drione is by far the best one to use for Roaches. If you follow the Drione link and review the two videos there, you’ll learn why it’s so effective on most any insect and by far the best dust formulation currently available on the market.

The only other opinion we have is that using dust by itself is a tough way to get quick roach control. In most cases, one of the baits we have listed in our roach control article will surely help and should be used. The bait is so much easier to apply in sensitive areas than dust. It can be hidden yet applied right where it matters; dust tends to be messy out in the open and requires a lot of preparation when it’s being used. That being said, a good dose of drione in wall voids, up under cabinets or anywhere else you suspect roaches are hiding will help a lot. Add some bait applications where these bugs are active and you’ll get fast results.

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