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I have been a General Manager of many restaurants and have never ran into a roach problem until this position at a fast food establishment I have just accepted. Short of burning the place down is there anything I can do?  They have a pest control company come in once a month but this place is infested.  I do not take anything inside the building and my family makes me undress in the garage when I come home! I have been getting the employees to clean better so this might help but it is really bad.  I won’t even sit in my own office.  I did not know it was this bad or I would not of accepted the position.  The owner is set in his ways and I can’t get him to switch bug companies.  Any advice?

Cockroach problems are commonly found in restaurants. The massive amount of food, the never ending ordeal of keeping everything clean and abundant space for insects to hide and thrive make it a wonder every restaurant doesn’t have an active cockroach population. As our COCKROACH CONTROL ARTICLE explains, getting control of this pest requires patience and this is never more true then in food processing facilities.

Based on the information provided above, it doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to get help from your current service company. When confronted with this scenario, it would seem as though your best course of action will be to either purchase more service or supplement the current initiative. If the company treating now is using bait as their main weapon, get some more baits and add to the selection inside the establishment. As explained in our cockroach control article, making multiple baits available will assure greater acceptance and in the end, both faster and more complete control of the infestation. There are many cockroach baits available these days and though most companies tend to rely on 1 type or brand, using multiple products is always a better approach. A combination of the MAXFORCE MAG, the ADVION GEL and some AVERT is a good combination/mix that we’ve found effective in food processing plants. If your service company is only using one flavor of bait, add variety and that will no doubt help.

If the current program involves mostly if not nothing but spraying, more frequent applications can help. However,  it’s almost always best to try and achieve more precise treatments when spraying and the applications don’t seem to be helping. In other words, a good roach clean-out should knock most of the population down and eventually out. DRIONE applied throughout the establishment can obliterate any established population and when used properly is the single most effective product around. Unfortunately it does require skill to use Drione correctly and most companies these days don’t have the personnel available who know how to use it. If the current program involves nothing but liquid’s being sprayed to the baseboards, there is no way you’ll ever get control. Roaches have proven time and time again they’ll simply move to a region or area which isn’t being sprayed. In other words, baseboards are amongst the least likely places that need to be treated. Again, you’ll either have to get them to change their service techniques or supplement the routine with some different products applied in different areas to get the results you want. In most cases the ORTHENE WP is an excellent residual to be applied and when mixed with some GENTROL, will provide long lasting residual that can wear down any cockroach population.

In summary, cockroach problems in restaurants and other food prep areas can be a challenge to control. If you have a problem and the service company doing the work isn’t skilled enough to deal with the problem, chances are it will continue on and on. For this kind of situation, either a change of company or a change in service will be needed to reign in the problem. The good news is it can be accomplished. If you have further questions or concerns, give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290 and one of our tech reps should be able to assist.

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