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I have a HUGE roach problem!!! We have the worst german roach problem and nothing is working!!! We didn’t have them until the land next to us was cleared… or at least we thought thats why we all of a sudden had this problem!! I’m at the end of my rope here and need some help..

First, don’t panic. Start by reading our GERMAN ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE which will explain what you should expect during the process of cleaning out the infestation. As you’ll learn, patience is a big part of the equation.

Second, German Roaches rarely thrive outside and only in the worse situations will they live on the exterior of buildings. This can happen when inside populations “spill over” to the exterior of a structure. But the reverse is not really true. In other words, it’s not likely this species was living “in the woods” and then somehow decided to move into your home just because some land was “being cleared”. We do know there are other species which thrive outside and it’s possible you have one of them in your home. But regardless of the species, I suggest a combination of two products we carry that will no doubt knock out and prevent any future infestations.

On the inside, start by setting out our ROACH GEL in any room where you see activity. Foraging roaches will quickly find it, eat some and die. Over the course of 1-2 weeks, most all adults will be dead. If you have a lot of egg sacs around, expect to see young roaches hatch out at some point so don’t fret when this happens. At first these young roaches won’t eat anything so the gel won’t affect them. But as they grow they’ll eventually feed and when they do, complete control be reached.

On the outside, you need to spray with the CYPERMETHRIN on every side of the home. Don’t forget to spray high since roaches will many times enter around gutters and downspouts. May species including Asian, Oriental and Wood roaches are commonly found in residential areas and these species will readily migrate into¬† homes. To make sure this doesn’t happen keep a good protective spray barrier in place.

Lastly, do not spray in the home anymore as this will contaminate the gel bait and if you have been spraying, be sure to set the Gel out where you haven’t put any liquid. Use tiny cutouts, about the size of a quarter and made from a paper plate or wax paper if you must make placements over areas you’ve sprayed. This will insure the gel isn’t contaminated by the old chemical.

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