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I just moved into a mobile home. When we first looked at the home, it was disgusting with food and garbage all over. There was an old fridge with rotten food and roaches INSIDE the fridge. The landlord completely rehabbed the home. However he left the same fridge and just “cleaned” it. He said an exterminator came and “sprayed” and “fogged” everywhere. Well we moved in today, and after it got dark I saw about 10 to 20 Adult german roaches in our kitchen. There is NO food or crumbs in our house. Why are they not dead? Should I get my $ back and move out now? There are cracks and tiny holes all over the place. I feel like I’ll never be able to stop them. Please help. Also could they be living in parts of that old fridge? How long does it take for ALL of them to die? I am in NW Florida.

If you read our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see in the first paragraph that we clearly state you’ll need “patience” when it comes to solving roach problems. This is especially true when it comes to major infestations like the one you describe. Does this mean it should take 3 or more months for the problem to be gone? No. In most any case, a proper treatment should knock them out after 4-8 weeks. Even bad cases. But it would be very hard to knock them out with just one “spray and fog” so I’m afraid you’ve got some time to go before the mobile home will be roach free.

In our article we go over the various roach treatment options available so give it a look. One thing we make pretty clear is that once people move into any home, even mobile homes, it becomes very difficult to spray and get good roach control. This is because all the items that get moved in will obstruct the spray making it difficult for the applicator to get product where it will most matter. Appliances become impossible to treat; cabinets and other hidden areas now filled with food and other items will constrict the amount of product that can be applied and where the applicator can use it. That means because you’ve moved in, I doubt they’ll be able to get rid of the roaches since they seemingly didn’t do so when the unit was empty.

Which brings us to roach bait. At this time, there is no doubt the roaches in your mobile home are quite hungry. And this is when baiting for roaches is very effective. So if you are to stay in the mobile home, I suggest you bait the entire premises with MAGNUM GEL and ADVION GEL. Be sure to use both. Probably a tube of each initially and then a followup of 1/2 tube of each in 10 days and then another 1/2 tube of each 10 days after that. This covers 20 days from the initial and if all goes well, you should stop seeing adult roaches.

From there on you would expect to see baby roaches because there is no doubt you have some egg sacs around that need to hatch. Since no spray or bait can kill the egg sacs, you literally have to wait them out meaning having baby roaches will be part of the process. Set out some ROACH TRAPS to catch them where you see activity or wait for them grow large enough so they start eating. Once they do, they’ll no doubt eat some gel and die so in the end, the problem will be resolved.

In summary, if you want to stay in the mobile home, go with the bait and follow the schedule I outlined above. But don’t spray. I highly doubt the service company will be successful using any spray with you living in the unit if they couldn’t get rid of the roaches treating when it was empty. Oh, and yes, the roaches can be in any appliance like the refrigerator, microwave, etc. But this is very common and easy to treat with the gel bait and highly effective too.

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