do german roaches eat mouse bait?


We live in a motorhome and recently got invaded by roaches. We have treated twice with roach spray and have roach gel placed in the cupboards. It has been 2 1/2 months and I have seen two in the last three days. One adult and one nymph. I have mouse poison bait in the compartments below and was wondering if the roaches could be eating that to stay alive.

Roaches love mouse and rat bait and will readily eat it. Furthermore, they are not affected by the active since they aren’t a mammal.

At this point I suggest you remove all the mouse bait to force the roaches to feed on the bait offerings already in place. Just be sure to renew the gel once a week until the problem is gone. And if you’re going to use any kind of gel, make sure its the best which in our opinion is the MAXFORCE GEL seen here:

Roach Gel:

Next, roaches are very much on the move right now moving onto and into any structure they can find. For this reason its important that you get the exterior of the motorhome treated with CYPERMETHRIN. This will stop them from living on the outside of the home as well as inside living areas.


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