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i read your article on this link.  where are you located?  do you serve my area in los angeles, california?  I have lived in this house for over 3 years now and have found 2 large roaches in my kitchen.  Have seen 2 other large roaches outside my house as well, one on the eaves of the roof and one on the ground.  want to see if you can help. what can i do?

Roaches can live outside and there are many species which do fine existing on structures around lights, decks, overhangs, rooftops, etc. From there they can forage inside if given the chance. The best thing to do is treat the outside with some ORTHENE WP as explained in our LARGE ROACH CONTROL article. Surface treat all areas where you’ve seen them. If the area is close to the ground, apply some MAXFORCE GRANULES to this area as well. Roaches love this stuff and will quickly find it, eat some and die.

If they are appearing inside, it would be best to set out some ROACH GEL where you’ve seen any activity. This bait uses a strong attractant roaches seem to love and it should be found by them, fed upon and in turn kill them with little effort on your part. For the most part, you shouldn’t have to spray inside so the Gel should be enough to get control of the problem.

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