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My boyfriend keeps his apartment clean, there isn’t dirty dishes anywhere, he doesn’t leave food out or anything.  He has been seeing german roaches come out of his sinks in the bathroom and kitchen.  He has just started seeing them within the last few weeks.  He hates bugs of all sorts because they are so dirty, and he wants to get rid of them now! Is there anything that he can do that is inexpensive to get rid of them? His landlords are not the most attentive to phone calls from tenants, plus they don’t inspect the apartments as well as they should.  Is it possible that they are traveling from one apartment to another?  What should his landlords do about this to get rid of the apartment?

Roaches will migrate from room to room as local populations expand. In apartment buildings, this means adjoining units will many times “share” the same infestation. To keep any one unit roach free is near to impossible unless all the units are treated equally. With that being said, it’s still possible to prevent foraging roaches from nesting in your boyfriends unit. The key is making sure there isn’t anything around to enable them to sustain themselves once they arrive. Keeping the place clean is paramount for roach prevention and it sounds like you’re doing this for now. But since the landlord doesn’t sound like he’ll help much, it’s time for your boyfriend to take matters into his own hands.

To start, the best thing he can do is set out some of the ROACH GEL we have listed in our ROACH CONTROL article. The great advantage of this product is that it will take advantage of what the roaches are doing and why they are moving in the first place: the need for food. Roaches love this stuff and can’t resist as shown in our roach gel video here:

Make placements around the sink and mostly up underneath this area in any cabinet that’s located below the sink. Roaches love to nest in this area. If you bait it they’ll readily find your offering, eat some and die with no chance of nests being established. It’s quite common for roaches to use the pipes and electric wires in buildings as “highways” to move from unit to unit. I’m sure that’s happening here. Mind you they aren’t moving “inside” the pipes but instead will walk on the outside of them. Pipes are routed throughout the entire structure and present the best way for roaches to “network” from unit to unit. Remember, there is almost always a space around the pipe where it comes through the wall which is more than enough space for any insect to fit. Make your bait placements on and alongside these exposed pipes where they enter your unit and I’m sure you’ll keep the problem under control.

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