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i have been seeing a lot of smoky brown roaches outside on my deck. I feed my pet dog there and i think they are eating some of his food. Is there something i can use which won’t be a danger to him? I’m afraid of spraying where he’s eating but it’s disgusting seeing the roaches in his food.

Smoky brown roaches are commonly found outside around homes and will move inside if given the chance. They like the same food as we do and if you leave known activity alone, they will undoubtedly grow in population and eventually become a real nuisance. For now it sounds like they’re feeding on your pets food so they have no need of coming inside. But as the air temperature cools and fall turns to winter, the chances of some migrating into living areas will only increase. I recommend you start doing some pest control now to get the problem under control before this happens.

Fortunately there are some products that can be used in close proximity to where the pet is eating without posing a hazard to him. The safest product you can apply outside will be roach baits and there are two forms of it which can help. First, if the deck is close to the ground and you think these roaches are coming from land onto the deck, treat the area with some MAXFORCE GRANULES. These granules are tiny and when applied right won’t be noticed by your pet. Sprinkle some around the area paying extra attention to pine straw, wood chips or any mulch close by. Such locations are great nest sites and common breeding grounds for smoky brown roaches.

If the dog dish is close to the home and there is house siding along it’s placement, roaches could be coming from above. They love to live in gutters and up under roof shingles so be sure to look overhead, above where the dog dish sits, since this is many times a key nest site. A good product to use in this area is the ROACH GEL. It can be used outside in areas where it can be applied and not be in direct view of the sun or rain. This is usually possible up under overhangs. Small dabs in these areas is all it takes. Smoky brown roaches love this stuff and will readily eat it. Once they find it, the local population will be reduced dramatically and you should be able to keep them under control without having to do any kind of spraying.

Once the problem is resolved, I would consider locating the dogs feeding station to somewhere in the home. If you keep feeding him outside, it’s only natural for pests like roaches and ants to find some of his food. This in turn will get them too close to the house for comfort and in the end, you could get a problem inside. Dealing with any of these invasions is a lot harder compared to what you have now so it would be wise to not have any attractive nuisances around at all.

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