do bombs work for kitchen roaches?


I recently moved into my apartment and I have small house roaches. I bombed my apartment and I have been seeing roaches on the walls dead on the floor and in the window sills. Are the bombs working or do I need to find something else to get rid of the roaches ? I have a small child and another child on the way. I don’t want them in an infested apartment. Please Help!

If you read through our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn that bombing for roaches rarely works. No doubt you’ll kill some as evidenced by the bodies you’ve been finding following the treatment. But as you’ll soon learn, the 2-4% of the population that avoid the treatment will reinfest the property with a vengence and in most cases, they come back worse than ever following the use of total release aerosol bombs.

To avoid this vicious cycle, I suggest you set out some ROACH GEL and ROACH TRAPS. These two products are usually all that is needed. They’re very safe to use (especially compared to a total release aerosol bomb which is spewing chemical needlessly all over your apartment) but more importantly, the Gel is highly effective. Roaches can’t resist the Gel and will quickly consume your offering. The Traps should be placed around the apartment and will be a tool that will alert you to any activity you may have missed or did not know existed. Once a spot is located as active by a Trap, place some gel close to it and you’ll get these guys too. Once the Gel and Traps have been installed, the problem should be resolved in 2-8 weeks depending on how many egg sacs you may or may not have on the property.

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