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My wife and I, along with two small children recently moved into a town house development in Tampa Bay FL which has 5 townhomes to a row all connected. When we moved in I noticed a couple roaches every few days. I started spraying and this lessoned. I sealed up cracks and now I see one every two or three weeks walking across our downstairs floor. Is this an issue or is it coming from another unit next to us? Thank you.

My first concern is what you mean by the word “issue”. Here’s why. In my house, we will see 1-2 roaches every fall as the weather turns and gets cool. These are Pennsylvania wood roaches foraging in from outside our home which is surrounded by lots of trees. No matter how much I spray outside, these guys fly and can effectively bypass my treatments. In the end, one or two will be seen no matter what I do and my family has accepted this fact. But these guys won’t be able to live inside so there is little risk involved by not doing anything unless this number was increase significantly.

But if we were seeing one every 2-3 weeks throughout the year? To me this would be an “issue”. And if we ever saw just one german cockroach, it would be an even bigger issue!

Which leads me to your question. Based on the way you phrased it, I’m thinking what you’re asking is if the roaches you see every 2-3 weeks are a sign your unit is infested or if they’re coming from a neighboring unit? If this is the question, I’m sorry but there is no way I can tell for sure where they’re coming from. But here’s what I do know.

Roaches exist for three things. Food, shelter and sex. Food is first. This means if you’re seeing activity during the day as described, the roaches involved are either very hungry foraging for food or they’ve been affected by some kind of treatment which is causing them to forage in broad daylight. More importantly, the 1 you see is most definitely NOT the only one. That means the ones you’re not seeing are what’s really important. And if you have roaches foraging throughout your unit what do you think they’re doing? First, looking for food and second, looking for a place to live.

Second, if these foragers find a good meal and start to nest, what do you think is next? That’s easy; they’ll start to multiply. So for obvious reasons just seeing 1 german cockroach a month on a regular basis is reason enough to do a treatment whether they’re nesting in your unit or not.

So what type of treatment is needed? I would go with the ROACH GEL for sure. It’s easy to apply, lasts 2-3 months per application and won’t make a mess like most any spray. All you need to do is apply 1/2 tube (as explained on our product page) every 3 months and that will do it. If a roach forages into your unit, he’ll no doubt be hungry which means he’ll find your offering, eat some and die. More importantly, if any start to nest in your town house, they too will find your offering, eat some and die. Either way you’ll be avoiding a much bigger “issue” which will no doubt be a lot more costly and time consuming to resolve.

Hope this helps; here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Roach Gel:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/bait/gel/maxforce-magnum-roach-gel-1-oz

Roach Control Article:  http://www.germanroaches.com/roach-control

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