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My son has had a lot of difficulty with his landlord – a city owned building, in having them get rid of a cockroach infestation as they do not do the fumigation thoroughly. but now he is bringing baby roaches into my apt. even though he tries to check all his pockets, and bags before he leaves his place. what can I do?

No need to panic yet but you should take a defensive posture. As our ROACH article explains, rogue or roaming roaches will be seeking food in their new abode. Take advantage of this behavior by setting out some ROACH GEL. Roaches that come into your apartment will no doubt find it which will help allow them to live and start nesting.

I also suggest you set out some ROACH TRAPS. If roaches aren’t seeking food they’re seeking other roaches. Roach traps set out will no doubt collect some too.

If you set these out for now, there is a good chance any roaches in your apartment won’t get established regardless of where they come from. But if you don’t start doing something, things will rapidly get worse.

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