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Hi. What are those smaller, lighter, flying roaches called that come around the front door where the lights are?  They fly into your hair, house and cars, etc..  What type of roach is that and what can be done about them?  Thank you.

Several types of roaches can fly. The most common found around homes are Wood Roaches. These range throughout most of the states on the eastern half of the country and can reside up north, even where it’s quite cold. Brown Banded and Asian Cockroaches are mostly found in the south. They can exist all year long and can become quite the nuisance in the spring and summer. Attracted to most any outside light, they will commonly fly into your hair, bother people when sitting outside in the evening and are mostly a big nuisance.

Treating any of these flying roaches starts with trying to locate where they’re living or nesting. This is commonly up high somewhere, like in gutters or along roof lines. Homes which have a lot of vegetation in close proximity to the house seem to commonly get this pest. Especially when the tree limbs lean out over the roof.

To keep their numbers down, treat the outside of the home with Cypermethrin as explained in our Large Roach Control Article. It’s Ok to use on the home, siding, roof, etc. and especially around any external lights you have on the structure. This way as these roaches land on treated surfaces they’ll pick up a lethal dose of the treatment and die.

If you think they may have moved into your attic or up under a shed or deck, apply the Maxforce Granules in these areas. Roaches love this stuff and will readily feed on it and die. If they have moved inside the house and you’re seeing them in living areas, treat with the Roach Gel for quick control as they can’t resist this formulation.

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